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Examples of skills you will use, to .

What is it?

Personalized coaching conversations that help you to work through academic, professional and personal challenges. A mix of personalized emails, weekly reminders, coaching tips, content library and both student coaches and senior coaches, to develop your own solutions and key skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, self-confidence, collaboration, time-management, self-motivation, self-organization, communication, conflict-resolution and many others. 

The key to success is to ask yourself the right questions and get the right insights. We're delivering them to you adapted and personalized.

Why self-coaching?

We want to give students the chance to develop 21st century skills through their own work, challenges, aspirations, we want them to understand how to develop their vision and create the behaviors, decisions and actions that will help them achieve what they truly want so that they are not told what to do, they have the right for mistakes and they learn faster and better than ever! So we support each internship journey with self-coaching techniques to responsibilize and empower the interns.

How does it work?

After you submit the form at the top of this page, you'll get your first email. Using emails and answers from you, the technology guides you through the steps that help you move from clarifying your issue, to revealing the complexities for you to consider as you move towards creating the right outcomes.

How AI coaching via email works?
  1. Your personal data will not be shared or sold to any third party.
  2. In addition to algorithmic processing, the email messages may be supervised by human coaching experts from the PocketConfidant team in accordance with our Code of Ethics to improve the quality of the coaching conversations.
  3. At any moment you can request to receive or to delete your personal data, collected through the use of our Service by submitting a request

For Matt, one self-coaching conversation helps him become more proactive, productive, creative and confident at work.

One self-coaching conversation helps Nikki, Philip and Ronan to find answers, save time and money.

What students say

  • Working with PocketConfidant was great. It enables me to transition from two different domains and learn very fast about a new one thanks to the tutor's expertise. They always listened to me or challenged me to make me learn on my own and trusted me even though I was very new to the field!

    — Florian, Bachelor student

  • I've found more about myself using their self-coaching technology and was then offered the chance to develop my own ideas through an internship in the fields I wanted to develop. I'm now progressing in the same field with a great alignment with myself.

    — Nour, Master's student

  • I was looking for a very precise sales related mission and they enabled me to make it happen with very high level of flexibility, autonomy, responsibility, and I found the work I had to do, not only adapted to what I was looking for but also fun and I learned a lot.

    — Lina, Bachelor student

Relation with others
Emotional triggers


Personalized conversations.

At your pace

Adapting to your availability.


Confidential and secured.

Multi device

On Laptop, phones, tablets.

Human supervision

Professional quality control.

Human values

We build tech with ethics.

The 5Rs will guide you through

We created a method that we call “5R” (Recognize, Reflect, Resource, Reframe, Review). The machine brings you the coaching questioning techniques to guide you through the process and help you to self-coach whenever you want.

Recognize 1

You know an issue you want to transform or learn from and it's the time to act. Take the first step now, click on the “get started” button.   .

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2 Reflect

Through the interactions with the technology you'll get focused questions to help you explore and understand your issue, feelings, thoughts and actions on the issue you are dealing with. .

Resource 3

Thanks to the questions and insights, you'll be able to identify or create the resource to achieve your objective.


4 Reframe

When knowing the resources you need, the next step is to frame your goals and actions correctly in order to bridge the present situation and the future outcomes with the adapted actions.

Review 5

With the right action steps, regular reflection and accountability enable you to evaluate and understand what works and what doesn't so that you can adjust your trajectory as you go.  


Education, Learning and HR

+75% of teachers say that coaching is valuable. A similar percentage think coaching has a positive impact on teachers’ practice and students’ results. Results suggest that coaching increases satisfaction and retention. (Digital Promise report, 2020)

Coaching and training companies, Coaches

The coaching technology enables to reinforce clients’ coaching activity and expand the coaching impact by including and supporting more people affordably, with professional quality.

Do you represent an organization? Bring the coaching benefits to your people and develop a self-coaching culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions. Click on the questions below.

If you have questions or if you need support, send an email to

Does it tell me what to do or give advice?

No, it creates the right questions for you, can give you insights or reframe your issues but it doesn't give advice because not matter what advice you'd be provided, it would be biased by a human experience. The best way to succeed is for you to craft your own way, and we give you the technique to achieve this.

Does machine decide on its own?

No, human subject matter experts supervise the content that the machine provides you and control the quality of the content to keep it professional.

What PocketConfidant does not provide?

PocketConfidant does not provide therapy, counseling or advice, solutions or tips. PocketConfidant doesn’t provide coaching as “mentoring,” or “counseling,” or “advising,” which are based on a narrow subject-matter expertise, but provides you an experience to figure things out on your own and train yourself to become proactive, more focused, confident, creative, and efficient.

Can I talk to a real person?

Yes. Although you are interfacing with an autonomous technology, you can augment your experience with human coaching by booking a session.

What about confidentiality?

Coaching conversations respect an ethical and professional code of privacy and confidentiality. No personal information from your conversation will be shared or sold to a third-party. Hence, conversations are completely private and confidential in order for you to be able to talk freely. You can learn more on our Trust page.

How much time does it take?

When you use the emails, emais are adapting to your pace and reminders are sent two times a week. It can take you 15 min min to answer an email or more based on the content that you want to produce. A human coaching session takes 30 to 60 min. The services are not time consuming and highly value added.

Someone you know could benefit from coaching? Send him/her an email and put in CC.

Tech will do the rest.


Be Aware

Private & Confidential

Anything shared with PocketConfidant stays private.


24/7 availability, anywhere, anytime.


You are in the driver’s seat, you only get questions, you keep the control of your decisions.

No advice

Our approach is 100% self-help guidance. No influence, no advice, no diagnosis.