Coaching questions to develop leaders.

Your intelligent coaching tool.

Our API and interfaces develop competences.

How AI coaching via email works?

For who?

  • For managers and leaders
  • For coach trainees

High value-added features:

  • Active listening
  • Reflective questioning
  • Integration in your interfaces.

A culture of Ethics:

  • Professional coaching certifications
  • Supervision with coaching partners (schools, ICF)
  • Our Code of Ethics.

Image References: ICF SIOP2022; Avatar DAVI The Humanizers

The value of Tech and Coaching available

Not only AI and Coaching can make leaders' and managers' more critical thinkers, adaptable, self-confident, creative, collaborative, structured and emotionally intelligent, but AI and Coaching can also help coaches in training to self-supervise and maintain a higher level of competence in their practice, as many of them fail when coaching others. Our goal, is to equip leaders, managers and coaches with the right attitudes and behaviors to transform organizations and our society for the better. Recent research on AI Coaching supports our approach, we partner with coaching schools, and we develop AI Coaching Standards with coaching authorities to guide organizations, buyers, developers, practitioners or consumers to understand AI Coaching and make an ethical, impactful and positive use of it. Request access to our technology or contact us to benefit from our expertise and research to develop transformative tools for your people or your clients.

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