About Us

Who are we?

We are entrepreneurs with backgrounds in coaching, human-machine interaction, neuroscience, innovation, enterprise and education management. We love to watch, study and support human potential and we are choosing to contribute to making our world a better place.

Why, what and how?

Today’s transition to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, combined with a crisis of governance, creates an urgent need for the world’s educators and employers to fundamentally rethink human capital through dialogue and partnerships. The adaptation of educational institutions, labour market policy and workplaces are crucial to growth, equality and social stability, Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum.
PocketConfidant is among the first “confidant” technologies to make personal growth, reflection, learning and change, available to everyone, anywhere and at any time. PocketConfidant asks the right questions at the right time, maintaining neutrality and objectivity by not offering advice or providing recommendations. PocketConfidant is built on research from the fields of Positive Psychology, Narrative Psychology, Neuroscience, Learning and Linguistics. Individuals can have conversations on real-time conversational interfaces. The conversations are generated and trained by the PocketConfidant Team, and supervised by a board of expert advisors. Day to day life can be challenging at times, everyone needs to find their place in the world and have opportunities to question their own story. We may feel internal incoherence sometimes that makes life and activities more challenging or stressful, personal development is not an option, it is the way to individual and shared happiness, to personal, professional and academic growth and wellbeing. PocketConfidant is entering the Human Capital Management and Education markets, focusing on individuals going through transitions, facing challenges or wanting to develop their self-reflective and thinking skills. Organizations understand the value of critical-thinkers and individuals aligned to their values and goals. This is the first time that economics, human development and technology are converging for the advancement of humans!

Technology & A.I.:

PocketConfidant uses machine learning and natural language processing to build a technology for good. Natural language understanding, built on sentence classification, guides the conversations, while machine learning improves user engagement.

Coaching philosophy:

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.Timothy Gallwey
PocketConfidant is not “a coach” and isn’t built to replace a human. It is not trained to provide tips, advice or recommendations. PocketConfidant is built to facilitate and enrich coaching, mentoring, training and learning activities, engaging individuals in personal, private and meaningful conversations to get unstuck, become more productive and creative, make better decisions, improve communication with others and develop self-confidence. Knowing yourself, when going through a challenging situation, is the first step to success. As a guiding principle, our neutral conversational approach helps people figure out things on their own, where the key components are listening, conversation and goodwill.

Awards, Partnerships and Sponsors:

  • Top 30 startup from Microsoft Imagine Cup Worldwide 2017
  • Innovation Award from FrenchTech Côte d’Azur
  • Partner of Microsoft BizSpark, Oracle WeLoveStartups, KPMG Hello Open World, Pfactory
  • Funded by Mount Wilson Ventures, The Refiners, and business angel experts in coaching from the USA, Europe and Australia.

Mission & Role

Our mission is to create a solution for self-reflection and personal growth that empowers individuals and organizations in an ethical, flexible, scalable and inexpensive way. We are choosing to be attentive listeners, life-long learners and to pioneer capacity building through AI.