PocketConfidant for Cities


PocketConfidant was created with the intention to provide anyone with a confidant in their pocket, a confidant assistance designed to act as a facilitator, to enable individuals have real-time confidential conversations facilitating self-expression, awareness, reflection and learning.
For Cities and Social communities, PocketConfidant is made to support individuals in their daily life, transitions, events, cultural change or lifestyle-related stresses.

What it is

PocketConfidant is a technology made available on a chatbot – a conversational agent – today, designed around coaching frameworks so that it can provide individual with a medium to step-back and become more aware of their situations and desires.
It is not a replacement to human coaches, it is a supporting agent to be used whenever you need, before, during and after coaching, training or learning events.
It is also an organizational preventative and strategic tool to enable macro measurement of an organization’s alignment, social dialogue and direction.

What are the benefits?

24/7 affordable self-coaching for all

Finally listen, support and provide self-coaching to yor citizens or social communities. One person coached impacts others around her. Set up a culture of coaching, presence and listening.

Security & Confidentiality

Our first engagement is ethical. You can’t track what users said. The data is protected, encrypted, depersonalized, not shared nor sold. We comply with the upcoming Data Protection regulations. Ask us for more details.

Measure data, not people

As a company, we give you access to macro trends and behavioral analysis so you can follow the “voice” of your city-ecosystem while keeping your citizens under confidentiality.

Support collective coaching

Your citizens and city’s staff can share their objectives and stories with someone they choose, in this way PocketConfidant supports your collective and social presence initiatives. Follow what individuals request for themselves in the same time.

Learning & Change

For awareness, reflection, critical-thinking, cultural and social changes, events, learning skills.

Engagement & Wellbeing

The first step to engage people is to open a dialogue and talk to them. to maintain egangement, the key is to keep talking with them and follow them. Wellbeing comes when you have space and time for yourself,a little stop to talk about yourself and become aware of what is important.

Dashboard for strategy and prevention

Use the dashboard to learn from data. Learn about usage metrics and get unique behavioral analysis to understand where people are where they are looking at. Inform your strategy and understand which actions to take to drive alignment, productivity, wellbeing and engagement.

Where to access PocketConfidant?

How do I set it up?

We have streamlined the user experience so that it’s simple and quick to deploy. No integration, no downloads, it’s all about communication. Let’s go through the process…

Step 1 – Build your strategy

Talk to our team, get industry insights, build a plan for your “coaching culture”. Get your PocketConfidant subscription and you’re ready.


Step 2 – Communicate & Invite

Prepare the communication for your organization and invite your audiences to use PocketConfidant on chat interfaces that are already available, easily accessible and in the hands of everyone.

Step 3 – Follow & Learn

Follow the metrics on your dashboard, learn from your data, ask advices to our team and improve your organization step by step. Observe and listen first, think after, then build the right interventions and actions to elevate your organization.