Cookies are small files saved on your device when you visit a website. We use them for multiple purposes, including to store your preferences and ensure your experience goes smoothly.

Cookies settings

Essential cookies [ON]

Essential cookies help us to run our websites. Without them, none of this would be possible.

Functional cookies [ON]

Functional cookies help us by storing your preferences and configurations so that you enjoy PocketConfidant AI the way you want to.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies help us in tracking the way our users interact with PocketConfidant AI. This enables us to make decisions based around features you love to use, or improve different aspects of your experience. These are optional.

How does PocketConfidant AI use cookies?

We employ different types of cookies to serve our purposes. Here are the ways in which we use cookies:

  • Strictly essential cookies – We use these to provide critical functionality and without them it would be impossible for you to use PocketConfidant AI
  • Functional cookies – We use these to store your preferences and make sure you can tailor your experience to your desires
  • Performance cookies – We use these to keep track of users and their interactions with PocketConfidant AI. We use performance cookies to figure out which features you like, and which features we need to work on to improve your experience with our product. These are opt-out.

Who controls the cookies?

Cookies can be First party or Third party. First party cookies are set by us and used for purposes such as maintaining the conversation with the bot. Third party cookies are set by some other companies that help with tracking (e.g. Google Analytics).

We have no control over the Third party cookies but the good news is that they are not mandatory. They do, however, help us to bring you more features.

What types of cookies are there?

There are different kinds of cookies in use on the Internet. We will give you a brief overview of the kinds of cookies we employ.

  • First party cookies – They are controlled by PocketConfidant AI and used for the purposes of improving the service we provide.
  • Third party cookies – They are controlled by some other party besides PocketConfidant AI and most frequently are used for tracking on different platforms that enable us to see each user’s experience
  • Session cookies – They are used over the course of a session. When you close your browser, they will be deleted automatically.
  • Persistent cookies – They remain on your device after you have completed your interaction with PocketConfidant AI. They are used (for example) to store your preferences throughout different sessions.

Do you use other types of cookies?

Other websites employ different techniques to track their users such as beacons, transparent images, etc. We do not use this kind of tracking and rely on cookies to ensure you have the best experience.