Frequently Asked Questions

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If you need help related to the use of PocketConfidant, please check our support knowledge base.

What can PocketConfidant do for me?

PocketConfidant is a self-coaching tool, to listen to what you say and ask you specific questions in order to focus on what you want to think about, do, or achieve. Discussions can be very creative and may be challenging at times. You are working at your own pace, and PocketConfidant follows you. This is a great opportunity for learning – to learn about yourself, others, and build some new skills.

How does it work?

PocketConfidant is accessible through a real-time chat and asynchronously, via emails. We are working to launch on all of your preferred communication platforms. We built an intelligent language engine system so that during your conversations it can help you take a step back from a challenging situation, and find a more useful or objective way to think about it. You will then be able to identify what is important for you and how to create a solution that fits with your desired outcome. You can stop the conversation whenever you want, and PocketConfidant self-coaching tool can follow-up with you later on based on your input and outcomes. A resource box is also available to help you access further coaching resources.

What PocketConfidant does not provide?

PocketConfidant does not provide therapy, counseling or advice, solutions, and tips. PocketConfidant doesn’t provide coaching as “mentoring,” or “counseling,” or “advising,” which are based on a narrow subject-matter expertise, but provides you experience to figure things out on your own and train yourself to become proactive, more focused, confident, creative, and efficient.

Am I talking to a human?

When you are accessing PocketConfidant via real-time chat, you are talking to a machine, there are no humans engaging in your conversations. When you use our solution for asynchronous coaching via email, in addition to algorithmic processing, the email messages may be supervised by human coaching experts from the PocketConfidant team in accordance with our Code of Ethics to improve the quality of the coaching conversations.

Can I talk to a real person?

Yes. Although PocketConfidant is an autonomous coaching agent, or a robot (meaning there is no human in the conversation), we do, however, also enable individuals to get in touch with professional coaches when they want to. Users can augment their experience with human coaching by booking a session.

What do you mean by “self-paced”?

In Coaching conversations, you are the one who drives the rhythm and length of the dialog. As with a human coach, PocketConfidant only follows your progress, your topics and your speed; this is possible because of real-time adaptation to your speaking style. You don’t have anything to do, PocketConfidant’s technology adapts by itself.

What do you mean by “confidential”?

Coaching conversations respect an ethical and professional code of privacy and confidentiality. No personal information from your conversation with PocketConfidant will be shared with a third-party. Hence, any conversation that you have with PocketConfidant is completely private and confidential in order for you to be able to talk freely. You can learn more on our Trust page.

What kind of personal information is required?

PocketConfidant only requires an email address for the registration process. There is no requirement to provide further information. This keeps our space private, confidential, and with no means of identification.