Where questions bring clarity!

Clarity contributes to better decisions, setting achievable goals, to our sense of confidence and wellbeing. Clarity is essential for moving ahead.


Events or situations are triggering emotional responses, associated with the release of hormones and neurotransmitters, followed by sensations in our body.


Certain thoughts are always grasping our attention and may hinder our capacity to communicate with clarity and to learn through our experiences.


Using particular words may have a limiting effect on our ability to see and express things the way they truly are.


Based on poor understanding and lack of adjustment to the context, our actions may fail to bring expected results and cause disappointment.

Unlocking the full potential.

Often the biggest obstacle to success and achieving our potential is internal, not external. Coaching is about helping individuals to learn rather than about teaching them. The key to successful coaching is asking the right questions to help an individual work through their issues and develop new skills.

The coaching process aims to identify the stage at which an individual is and to use the appropriate language to help them move towards the next stage.

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What is our method?

Good questions help to shed light on how our feelings, thoughts, language and actions interplay. To realize this opportunity, we are building technology that relies on the inquiry-based learning approach. We use a method that we call “5R” (Recognize, Reflect, Resource, Reframe, Review). In conversation with an individual, the machine brings questioning techniques through the stages of the creative problem-solving framework.

5R creative problem-solving framework for coaching with questions.

How does it work?

How AI coaching via email works?
  1. You submit a get started form.
  2. PocketConfidant sends you the email with an invitation to the coaching process.
  3. As simple as it is: you send an email in response, PocketConfidant reads your message, generates a new email and sends it back to you!
  4. Emails guide you through stages of the coaching process, bringing questions and insights that help you to unpack your challenges and goals, giving you clarity and helping you facilitate your personal work.
  5. Your coaching conversations will continue through time to support the success of your personal goals and learning objectives.

Recognize 1

You recognized the need for change and learning and you want to identify areas in which to improve.


2 Reflect

A focused reflection process helps you to explore and understand feelings, thoughts, language, and actions.

Resource 3

Questioning and insights guide you to identify available resources or create new ones to achieve your objectives.


4 Reframe

Focus on formulating your goals and bridging the present and desired outcomes with concrete action steps.

Review 5

Regularity and accountability are needed to understand what works, what doesn't and what needs to be adjusted.


Humans are full of great questions.

In the words of Anatole France, "The greatest virtue of man is perhaps, curiosity." Our curiosities drive us to engage in an inquiry process that helps us search and build knowledge and bring meaning to our world.

Through curiosity, we have a great opportunity as HR and education leaders, facilitators, trainers and coaches help their audiences develop the needed skills, strategies, and know-how to become competent, critical thinkers and learners.

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Tech will do the rest.