Individual Coaching Plans

Our mission is to support every student in the world. We know students, we work with students and for students. While coaching is usually expensive and not accessible to everyone, we’re making it accessible to every student to give each of them the same chances to address academic, professional and personal challenges, as well as develop 21st century skills.

Free plan


Start self-coaching freely!

  • Personalized coaching emails
    Personalized questions and insights adapted to your issues, your language and your time.
  • 1 topic/month
    Create your issue and explore it at your own pace.

Easy Coaching plan


A complete digital coaching pack

  • Personalized coaching emails
    Personalized questions and insights adapted to your issues, your language and your time.
  • Unlimited topics
    Create any issue you want and explore them at your own pace.
  • Goal & Actions
    Benefit from a professional guidance to create goals and action, removing all interferences.
  • Weekly actionable reminders
    Benefit from weekly reminders adapted to your issues and activate them for personalized insights.
  • Peer-coaching add-on!
    Benefit from human coaching sessions with a student trained coach.
  • Senior coach add-on!
    Benefit from human coaching sessions with a senior trained coach.

What users say

  • I'm doing more work to reach my goals. I think if you are more focused on your goals then you have to do a better job. I manage to exceed my limits to reach my goals, it is satisfying to progress. It helps me to work by focusing on the most important things and stop looking for exit ways. It is good to confront the reality sometimes based on our own capacities. It also helps me to connect more with what I like and work on deep purpose or things that make sense to me. This is helpful to better apprehend weaknesses and work on it.

    — Xavier, Masters Degree

  • I have something to go to at midnight when I am stressed about a project; a low-cost tool I can use to work through an issue and identify a way forward that lets me sleep at night.

    — Carrick, Masters Degree

  • It’s very interesting to get an external point of view on the questions I’m asking myself. Sending emails enables me to answer when I want and to write my answers correctly. I really think I’m speaking to someone. The gain is to help me learn more about myself and my challenges and to create directions for thinking. It makes me happy to receive emails regularly and it’s very self-satisfying to find my answers to the questions that are asked.

    — Elyse, Masters Degree student

  • It helped me in reframing by asking direct questions to uncover my unrealistic expectations, automatic thought and behaviour patterns and ineffective coping strategies to create a safe space to explore limitations, conflicts, and tensions, to seek ways to reignite curiosity and purpose and uncover more effective intrinsic motivators in my attitudes motivation and goals.

    — Dania, Executive MBA

  • The two conversations dealt with the same problem but I felt that I was managing different emotions: the day before I was rather up, with negative feelings and stressed because I was looking for a way to recover the pay they owed me while their announcing my departure, and the conversation allowed me to focus on what I should do first and why. In the morning, I managed the stress due to the phone call rather, and in the end I was able to find some relief before taking action.

    — Melissa, Masters Degree student, digital marketing freelance professional

  • The tool allowed me to remember that I had already managed a large amount of work in my previous years (never so big) and that this year was a new challenge for me. I like to have time to use the tool. Mainly to express my frustrations. Confidence in me, and a great challenge to manage everything successfully.

    — Meryeme, 3rd year student, high school tutor

  • The emails have focused on getting deep into the problem and I feel like I am part of the process. I also enjoy the self-paced nature of it. There is no rush to talk about all the problems within an hour and address them the way there would be in a real-time appointment.

    — Navneet, Masters Degree student

  • The way questions are delivered is cool. We get the insights of a coach to change and self-coach ourselves.

    — Enzo, student