Individual Coaching Plans

Our mission is to make university students’ and workplace learners’ journey easier, less stressful, full of rich learnings and with accelerated competence. We know students, we work with students and for students. True coaching is finally made accessible to every student and learner and offer the chances to succeed to everyone. Time flies, don’t wait, make it easier and enjoy the results of your growth right now!

Free plan


Start self-coaching for free!

  • Coaching emails & insights
    Coaching questions and insights adapted to your issues, language and time.
  • Weekly reminders
    Weekly email reminders to remind you about your issue, goals and actions through time.

Easy Coaching plan


Your personalized digital coaching

Preferred plan 😇

or get a 1 month plan 30€/mo

  • Personalized coaching emails
    Personalized questions and insights adapted to your issues, your language and your time.
  • Actionable weekly reminders
    Personalize your email reminders with the frequency you want and activate new coaching insights by replying to them.
  • Coaching Groups
    Join our private Linkedin groups and interact with other students on similar issues
  • Coaching videos (sample 🤩🎥)
    Benefit from videos made by coaches to give you the best insights and experiences.
  • Coaching podcasts (sample 🧐🎧)
    Benefit from podcasts made by coaches and students to give you the best insights and experiences.
  • Coaching chats
    Chat with human coaches during the week to check your situation and how things are going.

Personalized coaching add-ons

How to best use the coaching add-ons? 🧐

1 Start self-coaching with technology;
2 Narrow down your issues and needs, build your competence in autonomy;
3 Get your personalized add-on for human coaching sessions, on phone or live sessions;
4 Upgrade your coaching skills and get a tailored training;

Coaching phone calls

3x 30min calls 📞


or get a 1 month plan 60€

Video coaching sessions

60-75 min sessions 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️


or get a 1 month plan 60€

Learn coaching skills to make yourself unique! 🏆

Labeled and Certified training

Student coaching training

For students in school 🎓📚

for 300 (3 months training program)

Corporate learner training

For corporate learners 💼💻

for 1000 (3 months training program)

For Matt, one self-coaching conversation helps him become more proactive, productive, creative and confident at work.

One self-coaching conversation helps Nikki, Philip and Ronan to find answers, save time and money.

Max and Olivier talk about coaching benefits for students and Education.

Olivier and students talk about self-coaching for students and Education.