Individual Coaching Plans

Our mission is to support every student in the world. We know students, we work with students and for students. While coaching is usually expensive and not available to everyone, we’re making it accessible to every student to give each of them the same chances to address academic, professional and personal challenges, and to develop 21st century skills.

Free plan


Start self-coaching for free!

  • Personalized coaching emails
    Personalized questions and insights adapted to your issues, your language and your time. One issue/topic per month.
  • Weekly reminders
    Weekly email reminders to remind you about your issue, goals and actions.

Easy Coaching plan


A complete digital coaching pack

Preferred plan 😇

or purchase monthly plan for 15€/mo

  • Personalized coaching emails
    Personalized questions and insights adapted to your issues, your language and your time.
  • Personalized actionable reminders
    Personalize your email reminders with the frequency you want and activate new coaching insights by replying to them.
  • Unlimited personalized topics
    Create any issue you want and explore them at your own pace.
  • Goal & Actions guidance
    Benefit from a professional guidance to create goals and action, removing all interferences.
  • Coaching videos
    Benefit from weekly videos made by coaching and education experts to give you answers and tips on your current issues.
  • Coaching podcasts
    Benefit from podcasts made by students and coaching experts to address your different issues and bring balance to your student journey.
  • Coaching add-ons
    Benefit from human coaching sessions through add-ons that are listed below. We get you ready first, we keep your budget under control.

Add coaching add-ons after getting your plan!

How to best use the coaching add-ons? 🧐

1 Get your coaching plan and start your self-coaching.
2 Learn from your challenges and needs, and develop your skills with self-coaching and tailored content.
3 Get your add-on for human coaching sessions. You may need a coaching add-on or not! There are no rules, it will depend on the level of support you want. We make it easy for you.

Student Coach add-on

Talk with a trained student 👍

for 29/mo (quarterly)

or purchase monthly for 39€/mo

Professional Coach add-on

Talk with a coaching professional 👌

for 49/mo (quarterly)

or purchase monthly for 59€/mo

Learn coaching skills to make yourself unique! 🏆

Labeled and Certified training

Student coaching training

For students in school 🎓📚

for 300 (3 months training program)

Corporate learner training

For corporate learners 💼💻

for 1000 (3 months training program)

What students say

  • Working with PocketConfidant was great. It enables me to transition from two different domains and learn very fast about a new one thanks to the tutor's expertise. They always listened to me or challenged me to make me learn on my own and trusted me even though I was very new to the field!

    — Florian, Bachelor student

  • I've found more about myself using their self-coaching technology and was then offered the chance to develop my own ideas through an internship in the fields I wanted to develop. I'm now progressing in the same field with a great alignment with myself.

    — Nour, Master's student

  • I was looking for a very precise sales related mission and they enabled me to make it happen with very high level of flexibility, autonomy, responsibility, and I found the work I had to do, not only adapted to what I was looking for but also fun and I learned a lot.

    — Lina, Bachelor student