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Unlock and empower yourself with one conversation at a time, for your many different situations, issues, thoughts or feelings.



Clarify your situations, feelings, perceptions and create new options with your confidant bot. Develop your inner coaching capacity.


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Access human coaching or coaching resources to become accountable and respond to your needs, anywhere, anytime.

Self-Coaching Technology & Human Empowerment

Self-Coaching Conversations

No one knows you better than yourself. Self-coaching is a way of developing your inner coaching capacity by building self-awareness and self-reflection to get you unstuck or handle your challenges and situations to understand and influence your own success.

Each conversation you start on a specific situation, issue, thought or feeling has the power to help you get an insight that will lead you to new outcomes.

We're creating the self-coaching category as a response to our society's challenges. We see coaching as a wonderful and powerful activity that should be, if not must be, made available and accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Developing the self-coaching category will enable the largest number of people to access coaching, understand and use coaching effectively, with and without human coaches, and thus to democratize coaching with good known and controlable standards.

"Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them." Timothy Gallwey


Do you ever get stuck? Would you like to find clarity in your choices and make better decisions? Have you ever wished to have the right words to explain yourself, or find confidence in yourself, or feel capable of approaching a difficult conversation with someone?

Our purpose is to help people live and work better together by developing the attitudes and mindsets for individual and collective performance and wellbeing.

We help individuals, managers, leaders, team members and learners support themselves and each other to increase their personal capacity for self-reflection, decision-making, prioritization, goal-setting, communication and confidence with real-time conversations delivered through a coaching tool.

We use technology, converation and coaching techniques to develop the awareness leaders and learners need in their day to day work and life to gain performance and relational ease. Today’s workforce is looking for coaching, mentoring, expert guidance and effective tools to be available when they need them.  Research tells us that coaching is an invaluable tool for developing people across a wide range of needs.

With PocketConfidant, leaders, managers, team members and learners going through training programs can:

  • Access private and confidential conversations with a robot
  • Develop reflective techniques to gain insights and gain performance
  • Identify resources goals and actions to move forward
  • Create personal outcomes or review their own story
  • Check in through time for accountability and continuous progress

PocketConfidant is private and confidential. Conversations are depersonalized and encrypted so that individuals' privacy is protected at all times. No individual or organization can see or know the content of another’s conversation without their explicit consent.

PocketConfidant is widely accepted by professionals, employees, managers and coaches because it doesn’t replace a human professional but provides the mechanisms that support each individual when they need it and help them train their inner coaching capacity.

PocketConfidant is a coaching tool to help you formulate your thoughts, situations, challenges, emotions, ideas, vision and aspirations in real-time. Guiding you to clarify your own thinking, identify your precise needs, resources and goals, formulate your outcome or intention and envision what you want to do next. The technology is designed and built on the core principles of coaching and supported by a wide group of experts up to 30 years of experience in research, training and coaching practice. We're passionate about the coaching science and its benefits and we want you to benefit from it anywhere, anytime.

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Our approach is 100% self-help guidance. No influence, no advice, no diagnosis.