Research: Private & Academic collaboration

PocketConfidant has an open research policy and is ready to collaborate with the world’s top researchers to develop technologies that help solve global challenges in cognitive computing and artificial intelligence. Our research interests fall into four major dimensions: Cognitive Psychology & Impact, Linguistic Studies, Human-Computer Interaction, Innovation in Coaching. If you are interested in building a research partnership, please email us at, describing the scope of the desired project.
Cognitive Psychology & Impact Linguistic Studies Human-Computer Interaction Innovation in Coaching
Can conversations with AI help to develop a skill? How and when are we making language mistakes? How to measure and maintain attention in digital conversations? What factors make a dialog better than another one, even if both have similar semantics?
How effective is coaching with AI compared to coaching with a human? What are the most frequent narratives uses in expressing specific types of life situations? How to improve engagement in a digital conversation? What language structures have the highest power to generate reflection?
What are the key factors to successfully coach a skill? What are the differences in using natural language between individuals and groups? What are the behavioral differences of different communication channels? Which structures make a dialog influential?
What (if any) is the optimal sequence of skills to be developed? What are the statistical characteristics of answers in a dialog? What is the impact of a robot’s voice on coaching? What is the minimal amount of personalization that a dialog should have?
What is the best method to evaluate a skill? When is human intervention needed and when can the machine be autonomous? How are voice and text correlated in answers to AI-generated conversations? What are the most important factors in the context of a conversation that will define the success of a coaching conversation?