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Self-Coaching Label: student-focused initiatives for student empowerment

Student Empowerment

Passionate Education leaders and program directors, Education entrepreneurs and student representatives all agree on the fact that not enough focus and resources are being put in place to support students from A to Z on their Education journey.

New technologies are coming online to make content available for remote learning so that students and all learners can access their curriculum more easily, when and how they want, even during times of crisis.

However, the Education system is not changing its structure comprehensively or quickly enough to be student-focused versus knowledge or assessment-focused.

Students say it themselves, PocketConfidant works on amplifying their voice, listen to what they say:

  • Video 1: From a student, Max became a coach to focus on his aspirations and help other students thrive to succeed.
  • Podcast 1: Coach Isla, Student Leah and Student-Coach Max explain coaching and what it brings to students.
  • Podcast 2 (link to come soon): Education researcher Margarida, Coach Isla and Student Leah tell us about Education, Learning and Innovation, as well as how to improve Education.
  • Video 2: Leah explains to us how coaching technology helps her but above all what it is helping her to do differently than in her previous education journey.
  • Video 3: 4 students tell us how they self-coach and Wokedje, former student advisor explains what is important to change in the education system today.

Why it matters

“We are unique human beings with our diverse experiences, ways of knowing and ways of being in the world. This is a treasure trove to mine and we must be allowed to develop our own tools and strategies for success. We learn by making meaning of the experience and knowledge we are acquiring. Focusing on learner-centered ways of delivering education gives our students their voice and the responsibility to define and apply their learning to maximize their own success.” Isla Reddin, Chief Learning Officer at PocketConfidant AI

“Students have to come first and it all starts in the classroom. If we can offer revolutionary life skills from a younger age then our students can grow up to become resilient adults. Just imagine the impact on families, communities and workplaces across the world if we achieved this. Remember, it is easier to build strong children that to repair broken adults.” Sam Moinet, former Teacher, Coach, founder of Student Breakthrough

“Today, and even more in the Covid-19 period, the best resource we can count on is ourselves, us students. No need to try to convince our school, our parents or recruiters that we are the bests. It’s about being the best by being ourselves, it’s about differentiating ourselves with the lines that are not written on our diplomas. We shall not wait to be told who we are to become that person. Being the best by being ourselves means being interested in what we do every day, what animates us and makes us exceptional, carried by passion, conviction and determination. We shall be professionally desirable, betting on ourselves and results will come to us. We shall remember ourselves that we don’t know what we don’t know, and so we must invest in ourselves and answers will come.” Thibault Bergamini, representative of IAE Bordeaux Consulting

Purpose of the label

The purpose of the Self-Coaching Label is to recognize, create visibility, support and help academic, learning and training organizations that are engaging in and promoting self-coaching cultures or initiatives. The goal of such organizations being to train and equip individuals with work and life skills such as: critical and creative thinking, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-management, self-esteem, self-confidence, resilience, communication, collaboration, emotional intelligence. More information about skills is available in this article.

With the Self-Coaching Label, we intend to build and promote a community of partners that are human-centered and competency-oriented, and that support the transformation of the education system by developing innovative learning and support methods for the wellbeing and success of their learners.

While this label targets education and training organizations, the audiences of the self-coaching initiatives are any kind of learners, whether students starting university or professionals going back to study, learners in corporate and public organizations, teachers, education leaders, graduates and young professionals starting their professional life.

Values of the label

The Self-Coaching Label is supported by strong values, oriented to prioritizing what we believe can change our Education system and transform how we develop human capital:

  • Questioning
  • Listening
  • Human empowerment
  • Life-long learning
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Embracing change
  • Ecology
  • Diversity
  • Democratization

Leveraging coaching to improve education management

With the Self-Coaching Label, we intend to:

  • Provide an opportunity to promote the use of coaching innovation and coaching principles to support learners and so develop a competitive advantage.
  • Access partners’ expertise in coaching, learning, human development, innovation, technology and ethics to improve their initiatives and quality.
  • Become part of a community of education and training leaders and leaders in societal change.

A public-private partnership with innovators in its founding committee

We are grateful and thankful to be joining forces with an exceptional, engaged and passionate group of thinkers and doers to launch and contribute to the Self-Coaching Label:

  • PocketConfidant Artificial Intelligence: Olivier Malafronte, President; Nikita Lukianets, Chief Technical Officer; Isla Reddin, Chief Learning Officer.
    • Centre International du Coach: Valérie Ogier and Fanny Deveaucoup (associates).
    • IAE Nice School of Management: Nadine Tournois, Director.
    • University Côte d’Azur, IDEX Masters of Science: Aurélie Delort, Operational Director.
    • A3D – Atelier du Dirigeant Durable : Catherine Charmoille, President year 2020.
    • Adecco Monaco : Renaud Durand, Branch Director.
    • DAVI – The Humanizers: Yannick Gérard, R&D Projects Responsible.

    Find out more about the Self-Coaching Label here.

    Contact the committee’s representative here.

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