PocketConfidant is dedicated to bringing you a transparent, secure, and trustworthy experience. This is why we strive to improve our practices, provide transparency in all that we do and keep you constantly informed. Here we lay out the principles of Trustworthy Computing at PocketConfidant. The content of this document is guided by the IEEE Computer Society Center for Secure Design, The General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR) and the IEEE Cybersecurity Initiative (CYBSI).

Privacy policy

We know you care about the data that you provide us and the way we handle it. This is why we are committed to doing right by you and your data. The priorities in terms of how we use and store your data can be classified into a few areas of interest:
  • Transparency — you are in control and know what data we collect, when we collect it, and how we use it
  • Security — we are constantly working actively to secure and make sure your data is safe with us — from employing the best-in-area technologies and always being aware of the sensitive nature of data, we strive to protect your data in the best way possible
  • Communication — any relevant information will be relayed to you, the user in a timely manner.
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Security is implemented by design by controlling all layers of data exchange and storage. On the client side, we:
  • Secure authentication — End-users access web interface using One-time Passwords only
  • Encryption — Transmit data over HTTPS with up-to-date AES_256 encrypted TLS connection using ECDHE_RSA as key exchange mechanism
  • Avoid XSS attacks — Cross-Site Scripting attacks are avoided by validating all the data input from the users to our servers
On the server-side, we:
  • Control over input — Ensure all data are explicitly validated before processing and storage
  • Sensitive data — Identify sensitive data and how it should be handled
  • Depersonalization — Store encrypted and depersonalized data only

Terms & Conditions

Using PocketConfidant and it’s products comes with a few rules which will be outlined in the Terms & Conditions page.  There are several rules that govern the relationship between you the user, and PocketConfidant. These rules are important and define, among other things, important principles such as:
  • Basic rules — what you can and cannot do when using our service.
  • Content — how to access our content, what you can do with it, and what you can’t do with it.
  • Your data — what we can do with data you provide and how do we use it
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About Cookies

Cookies are small files stored on your computer that help us achieve multiple purposes. Some of them are essential in bringing PocketConfidant AI to you, while some of them help us understand what features you like best, what we need to improve on, and so forth. There are essentially 3 types of cookies that we employ across all our properties:
  • Strictly essential — these cookies help by providing important infrastructure for the inner workings of PocketConfidant AI. You cannot opt out of these
  • Functional — these cookies remember your preferences, can be used for storing non-essential data on your device to help maintain your experience. These are opt-out.
  • Performance — these cookies help us by keeping track of your interactions with PocketConfidant across all our platforms. This way, we can detect which features our customers like most, which features need to be improved, or even help troubleshoot some issues. These are opt-out.
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PocketConfidant AI’s founders started their journey with the vision of a world where people are placed at the center, listened, respected, supported, free to speak their truth and express their personality, are empowered and able to achieve their potential. While part of the PocketConfidant AI founding team has professional coaching training and certifications, the founding team surrounded itself by an array of coaching professionals and bodies to ensure good observation and good advisory of its undertakings. Additionally, one of PocketConfidant AI’s founding members became an active creator of community initiative for Ethics in AI. (see the below links on Ethics and AI)

Finally, in its technological innovation, PocketConfidant AI develops the concept of self-coaching, where technology is used not as a replacement of a human professional, but as a self-coaching tool used to enable individuals to support its journey with learning, breakthroughs, and change.

Code of Ethics