EIA Learning Day#12: Pay Attention To People

EIA Learning Day#12: Pay Attention To People

Networking can be an Art to someone, but for the others it could be more or less like speaking to friends.

So how would you build a strong net that can work efficiently and help you enjoy the process in the same time?
People are interesting. When you meet someone, most of the time it is not pure act of randomness too. Everything you do or say impact your environement, like the ripples in the water surface.

We are social beings. We are passionate beings. So have people speaking about what they do and do share with them what you like, what you expect to do.

You’ll see that when you pay attention to who you meet and take time to find what’s important for them, you’ll probably become a great net-worker.

Share a lot, leave space for others, listen and smile. Enjoy the process, enjoy the rewards.