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    For Matt, one self-coaching conversation helps him become more proactive, productive, creative and confident at work.

    For Leah, self-coaching helped her get unstuck after University and get her on the right goals for her dreamed job.

    Max and Olivier talk about coaching benefits for students and Education.

    Olivier and students talk about self-coaching for students and Education.


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    4Rs to guide your learning

    We created the "4R" model (Recognize, Reflect, Represent, Review) based on scientific frameworks such as expansive learning and transformational pedagogy. Our technology guides you through reflections and insights to self-coach and to facilitate your learning and competence development.

    Recognize 1

    Stage 1: recognize and clarify your situation, issue, challenge, problem or desired achievement. Click the "Start now" button to initiate the experience.

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    2 Reflect

    Stage 2: the interactions with the technology will guide your reflection with focused questions and insights to help you understand and adjust your thinking.

    Represent 3

    Stage 3: identify and frame the representations of your outcomes, goals and actions.


    4 Review

    Stage 4: evaluate and reflect on what works and what doesn't to adjust your trajectory as you go, learn and develop your mindset to succeed.

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