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PocketConfidant is a confidential coaching chat, powered by AI

What People Say About The App

  • It's really interesting and useful to chat with PocketConfidant and being supported by it. I'm happy that soon there will be an improved version, although it is already a powerful product. Thanks to you and your group to have developed a so revolutionary tool, and I'm proud to be one of the first users. I have bought the App because I felt it was interesting and I was looking for a product like an interactive assistant to help me achieve my desires and other needs.
  • The app helps me to organize my thinking by describing my problem and provides me a way to connect the dots between useable source into a solution: It distracts me from emotional frustration into a radical thinking.
  • I have browsed the different options on the App and found it very straightforward to work around. I especially liked to read and reflect on the thoughts of the day as there was always something to give me a lift. I think to be able to access this App whenever I felt I needed support. Would be invaluable as you could just dip in or spend more time if you felt like it to use the more in depth options- I think it's great. All in all - I would love to have access to this App on a permanent basis.
  • The questions responded back were helpful, because it makes you think about things you normally would not. Gives you some deep thinking questions.
  • I enjoyed working with your app today. I would like to continue to work with your app. I know the application would be able to help me with for example replacing my medication.
  • I must say I have very little experience of apps, but I think it's fantastic and much more interactive and easy to use than I had imagined. I'm really impressed with it.


PocketConfidant is a personal and virtual coach assistant, able to support you anytime, anywhere. Talk about what is going on in your life, what you want to change, your needs, desires, goals, and aspirations. Create new opportunities and realities for yourself.

Our vision is to work with you to find positive, personally reinforcing thoughts when things feel difficult or challenging. Self-pacing and self-directed, PocketConfidant does not provide diagnosis or advice but guides you to find your own solutions from the untapped wealth of wisdom within. Delivered to you through your favorite messaging interface, PocketConfidant is an engine for self-development and support that works and learns alongside you: no medical counsel required or provided

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Our customers' success, is our success.

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Transforming user experience into a seamless and natural adventure through AI.

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Give people the keys to create their own opportunities is our focus.

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Our approach is: no influence, no advice, no diagnosis.