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Technology to develop mindsets and behaviors for performance


Gen X leaders want coaching. Millennials demand instant guidance and interaction even more.

DDI, 2018


It’s a percent of Fortune 1000 who use coaching and majority of them plan to increase their budgets.

BHG, 2018


However, only a small number of middle manager and employees get access to coaching.

Coach Federation, 2016

The current coaching practice doesn’t scale

Costs, availability, reliable quality. These are the barriers to augmenting coaching, and bringing it across the entire organization.

This needs to change

Coaching benefits should be available to everyone.

If coaching was available to everyone, what would the world look like?

One coaching conversation can change the way people think and act. One conversation can create a new perspective, attitude, or behavior. Repeated conversations can accelerate learning, support training and change.

With technology, coaching will create a global economic, social and cultural impact. By developing human skills, it changes the way we live and work together.



Unlock and empower individuals with one conversation at a time, for unique situations, issues, thoughts or feelings.



Clarify situations, feelings, perceptions and shift mindsets by building new options with a confidant bot.



Share coaching resources such as human coaching, techniques or tools, to improve accountability, learning and growth.

A global call for democratizing coaching is happening. We have the answer.

We witness a global call for making coaching available and accessible. It comes from all stakeholders of the L&D and Education Management value chain: consumers/coachees, buyers/organizations and providers/experts.

A self-coaching category with technology makes it possible. Our technology enables the integration of coaching conversations in processes with ease. It supports and expands the coaching practice by making it accessible and available at every key moment, in any transition or human development.

anywhere anytime.

A technology to ask yourself the right questions.

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Relation with others
Emotional triggers

For Matt, one coaching conversation helps become proactive, productive, creative or more confident on his daily working projects.

For Nikki, Philip and Ronan, one coaching conversation helps finding answers, avoid feeling stupid or help save time and cost.

Leadership practitioners

For Human Resources, Training, Coaching and Education leaders, the coaching technology help develop leadership and management skills at a broader scale and in a cost-effective way.

Consulting companies

For consulting companies, the coaching technology helps reach out to and train more people as well as reinforce the coaching practice of their clients.

Coaching works

We believe coaching should be integrated into every educative, learning, training or human development program. It is a time to bring coaching benefits to your entire team. Request a demo and see it in action.

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