Self-coaching in the education journey

PocketConfidant AI is dedicated to the vision of improving personal, academic and professional outcomes for students, recent graduates and young professionals beginning their careers through giving the widest audience possible access to personalized coaching with technology.

Why self-coaching? 😇

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance, it is helping them to learn rather than teaching them” (John Whitmore), “Coaching is about helping people to identify, scaffold, and leverage the learning that is just beyond their current capabilities yet within their reach and necessary for the next step forward” (David Drake). The goal of coaching is to give the individual access to their own wisdom and help them discover and pursue their personal view of the world so they can navigate it with confidence, inspiration and stability. Said differently, coaching is a facilitator and an accelerator of learning mechanisms and a sense-making process that propels the individual forwards and supports them to achieve their unique and very personal goals. Too often we are expected to adopt society’s or someone else’s view and fit ourselves into it, often with great discomfort. As a result, we frequently find ourselves dissatisfied and failing in a dynamic that we didn’t choose but that chose us.

In the education market, PocketConfidant AI works with students, for students, as well as with teachers and academic personnel. Our goal is to provide support through conversational platforms where the most required skills can be developed and practiced over the many stages of the academic journey, leading progressively to competence and confidence to move to the next step on the journey – a career and employment that fits the individual’s vision and aspirations. Developing the skills and practicing them repeatedly in real-life situations helps the student make sense of the different obstacles and challenges they encounter, transforming and integrating them into real-life learning. PocketConfidant AI develops a self-coaching technology and a global education coaching company to provide students, graduates and young professionals with a personalized, ongoing resource as if someone was at their side accompanying them during their academic, professional and personal journey.

We speak with students, graduates, young professionals and programs leaders every day. We know from them that they want to, and feel that for their future professional path, they need to spend more time and focus on real-life and practical problems to counterbalance the fact that there is so much pure “theory” delivered during their academic journey. Using PocketConfidant technology is a direct anchoring onto real-life issues, as individuals address and use their own priorities and challenges to reinforce the development of employability skills such as critical, creative and agile thinking, adaptability, social and emotional intelligence, communication, empathy, assertiveness, and interpersonal competences such as self-confidence, self-motivation and self-regulation.

Students’ topics 🧐

Here is a five-minute video made by students from different universities explaining the benefits of self-coaching with technology and how it differs from, and enhances, their academic experience. Additionally, the list below reflects the challenges of several hundred students who engage with our technology. It shows the most frequently talked about problems that students are facing today. This data is going to be updated regularly so that you can track the most challenging topics. Over the course of the next few weeks and months we will create “micro learnings” in public articles, public and private in-product podcasts and private in-product videos that dive into each individual topic to offer students, young professionals and education leaders the perspectives and coaching insights to thrive, grow, embrace transitions and succeed.

(check the clickable topics in the above list and open the articles to explore the topic with coaching stories and insights)

As we develop articles related to the above challenges, we will provide students and young professionals insights and guidance on how to turn their existing challenges into learning and growth opportunities. We will also guide students on how to use digital resources to expand their knowledge and strategies to identify and remove any personal limitations, improve mindset and behaviors, and reinforce their skills, competences and actions for success. Remember that each of the above challenges, as well as other non-listed ones, can be addressed and developed individually with the self-coaching technology available here for students, undergrads/grads and young professionals..

Useful links and students’ voice 🤩

Check our blog’s useful articles on different topics that students are talking about. Follow us on Instagram @pocketconfidantai or linkedin. If you are a student and want to engaged with other students in our coaching initiative for students, you can apply to join our ambassadors group.

Finally, to give you an idea of the benefits of using our technology, here is some feedback:

  • What it brought me : serenity, motivation, self-confidence. I had the impression to get to my exam more prepared, more focused. What I loved : each conversation made me more trusting and confident, made me understand things that I wasn’t seeing before when too much head down. How did I experience it : well actually, it’s great to have an external point of view to help us scaffold our thinking and extract the essential of it. I told myself that I should have started this earlier! (Audrey)
  • Rating 5/5. Thank you so much for your answers. (Cecile)
  • I modified the way I was answering questions by adding quantitative measures and answering more precisely to prepare as maximum as possible my transition to reach my goal. (Boris)
  • I can see that with the questions I started to ask myself deeper about things, and like that I analyze my situation better, I think that now I am more calm and really have started practicing speaking about myself and trying to express myself better, thinking of my real values. Thank you very much for helping (Vasilena)
  • Rating 5/5. I really like the content, congrats! (Gabriela)
  • The way questions are delivered is cool. We get the insights of a coach to change and self-coach ourselves. (Enzo)
  • I’m doing more work to reach my goals. I think if you are more focused on your goals then you have to do a better job. I manage to exceed my limits to reach my goals, it is satisfying to progress. It helps me to work by focusing on the most important things and stop looking for exit ways. It is good to confront the reality sometimes based on our own capacities. It also helps me to connect more with what I like and work on deep purpose or things that make sense to me. This is helpful to better apprehend weaknesses and work on it. (Xavier)
  • It’s very interesting to get an external point of view on the questions I’m asking myself. Sending emails enables me to answer when I want and to write my answers correctly. I really think I’m speaking to someone. The gain is to help me learn more about myself and my challenges and to create directions for thinking. It makes me happy to receive emails regularly and it’s very self-satisfying to find my answers to the questions that are asked. (Elyse)
  • I rate 7/10 on the link between my success in the interview and the coaching with PocketConfidant as it helped me support an important preparation. (Ines)
  • I wanted to thank you again for your help and the video for the interview preparation. I encourage you to continue what you do, it’s clear and very efficient! (Aurelie)

Join the self-coaching movement! 👊

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