Student Coaching Podcasts & Tips: procrastination.

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PocketConfidant Podcasts are episodes of about twenty minutes. It is the type of content where students and guests (education leaders, students having great insights to share, teachers, parents and many others) can share their experiences, tips and advice. Every subject will be discussed with coaching expertise and the latest research and scientific insights. In addition, anyone can benefit by listening and learning how to use the valuable supporting tools provided, such as reflecting better on your issues, asking yourself good questions and increasing your self-knowledge to be more proficient in handling academic and professional tasks. The podcasts will allow us, students, to reflect on our issues, understand and work on our own action plans using technology, supported by reminders and videos, expert and student coaching. It is all about finding and crafting our own way to improving reflections, attitudes, behaviors and actions and then adapting our outcomes to our needs, our learning, and what’s best for us. Each podcast will focus on issues that students face in their academic journey and will provide different perspectives on the issue.

Current podcast

The current podcast is about “procrastination”. In other words, how, as a student, you can stop delaying your todo list and improving your motivation and productivity. You will have the opportunity to listen to a coaching expert and a student who will share their experiences and tips to help you master this topic more. As a student and enthusiastic advocate of self-coaching, as usuall I’ll represent students’ issues that are addressed with PocketConfidant by asking both participants key questions and adding further tips and advice that I learned from using self-coaching and coaching tips.

Join the podcasts as they will help us to empower more and more students by students and grow together, no matter where students are in the world, what they do or where they stand in their academic, professional and personal journey.

Self-coaching support

Once you have listened to the podcasts, you can also signup for free self-coaching sessions with your personalized self-coaching technology. Click here.

Nour Ben Lamine, graduate student