Self-coaching first step

PocketConfidant is a self-coaching technology that works by email. Here is a video about what students say about it 😎.

Registration / Sign up

When you register on the signup form you select the type of challenge you are facing, you then personalize your challenge by explaining your issue with a few more details, and then enter your email address and submit your registration. Your coaching journey starts right away with an email back to you within a few seconds or minutes. If for any reason this doesn’t happen, you can send a request to the support team.

Email interactions with PC the self-coaching tech

Here are a few things to keep in mind when starting your coaching journey. Here are bullet points communicated from “PC”:

  • Add email address as a contact or favorite to be sure to receive emails properly and make them visible.
  • The content you will receive is supervised by experts to ensure its quality.
  • Our email interactions are going to guide you through key steps of reflection to clarify your situation, identify limited thinking patterns and transform them into learning and empowering goals or actions.
  • With me, you’ll build your own method of thinking and taking action, based on your personality. This is how I’m going to make you competent and autonomous.
  • Don’t expect to get solutions or opinions from me, it would limit your thinking and influence you! 🙁
  • Our email content will evolve at each stage, watch for the changes.
  • When I’ll feel you’re ready, I’ll guide you through an outcome and action plan, then I’ll follow-up with you from time to time to help you reinforce your thinking muscle!
  • Whenever you have a new challenge, a weird feeling or a new goal, create a new “strategic issue”.
  • I’ll continuously provide value for free, but value-added options can accelerate your development.
  • I share coaching topics on Instagram and LinkedIn for you to stay informed, interact with me there too 🙂

Structure of the email interaction

The emails that you receive will contain coaching insights for you and they will also contain specific reminders or instructions like the ones below🤗:

  • You can rate each different email to inform the self-coaching technology about the quality and impact of the content. By rating emails you’ll help us improve much faster.
  • Here is how to reply in the most efficient way; as our system works with your email you do not need to enter more content than just your answers and reflections. Please don’t reply directly in between the lines of the emails, as this will prevent our technology from reading your responses correctly.
  • You’ll be provided with further options such as giving qualitative feedback if you want to share more thoughts or suggestions, access to the human-coaching options, a link to create a new coaching issue, an invitation to invite your friends to benefit from coaching and access to the support team.

Insights about skills and how technology can contribute to enhancing your skills

What is a “skill”? 🧐

Taking definitions from research (for instance: Knapp 1977, Perrenoud 1996, Zarifian 1999), a “skill” can be defined as:

  • The learned ability to bring about pre-determined results with maximum certainty, often with the minimum outlay of time or energy or both;
  • The capacity of one individual to use part or all of the cognitive and conative resources to address complex situations;
  • The act of taking the initiative and the responsibility on situations that one individual is facing at a given time;
  • A practical intelligence of a given situation that reuses already acquired or existing knowledge and experiences and transform them with even more force as the diversity of situations increases.

What is important for you to keep in mind is that through the use of the self-coaching technology (start now here) you will be guided and supported to develop your skills in the different complex situations of your academic, professional and personal journey. PocketConfidant AI is committed to developing the technology that supplements the mission of Education and provides students and learners with individual, personalized and ongoing support, that is rarely provided by Education simply because it would require one coach, or one mentor, or one tutor for each student. This being said, the pedagogical support that you will access with our technology is going to facilitate and or accelerate the develop of your skills in relation to the different topics. As developing your skills is more in the process and interaction and less in the topic that you are learning, our technology is designed to activate and support the learning mechanisms that contribute to building skills. 😊

You can find more information about the different options that are offered by PocketConfidant AI on this blog post introducing a 4-steps process to overcome your challengess.

If you want to further deepen your knowledge about the difference between skills and competences and understand what are some of the most important skills and competences today, read this blog post to learn about scientific and academic frameworks and definitions.

Check what students say

  • I’m really enjoying using PocketConfidant so far! I like that it picks up on specific words and phrases that I’ve used in order to formulate its questions – I’ve found that useful for self reflection, because it forces me to reconsider what my mindset was when I wrote them. Another feature that I thought was really cool was the reminder email that I got when I took a little longer than usual to reply. That was a really nice touch, and it made it feel more like I was interacting with a real person. (Leah)
  • What it brought me : serenity, motivation, self-confidence. I had the impression to get to my exam more prepared, more focused. What I loved : each conversation made me more trusting and confident, made me understand things that I wasn’t seeing before when too much head down. How did I experience it : well actually, it’s great to have an external point of view to help us scaffold our thinking and extract the essential of it. I told myself that I should have started this earlier! (Audrey)
  • Rating 5/5. Thank you so much for your answers. (Cecile)
  • I have something to go to at midnight when I am stressed about a project; a low-cost tool I can use to work through an issue and identify a way forward that lets me sleep at night. (Carrick)
  • I modified the way I was answering to questions by adding quantitative measures and answering more precisely to prepare as maximum as possible my transition to reach my goal. (Boris)
  • I can see that with the questions I started to ask myself deeper about things, and like that I analyze my situation better, I think that now I am more calm and really have started practicing of speaking about myself and trying to express myself better, thinking of my real values. Thank you very much for helping (Vasilena)
  • Rating 5/5. I really like the content, congrats! (Gabriela)
  • The way questions are delivered is cool. We get the insights of a coach to change and self-coach ourselves. (Enzo)
  • I’m doing more work to reach my goals. I think if you are more focused on your goals then you have to do a better job. I manage to exceed my limits to reach my goals, it is satisfying to progress. It helps me to work by focusing on the most important things and stop looking for exit ways. It is good to confront the reality sometimes based on our own capacities. It also helps me to connect more with what I like and work on deep purpose or things that make sense to me. This is helpful to better apprehend weaknesses and work on it. (Xavier)
  • It’s very interesting to get an external point of view on the questions I’m asking myself. Sending emails enables me to answer when I want and to write my answers correctly. I really think I’m speaking to someone. The gain is to help me learn more about myself and my challenges and to create directions for thinking. It makes me happy to receive emails regularly and it’s very self-satisfying to find my answers to the questions that are asked. (Elyse)
  • I rate 7/10 on the link between my success in the interview and the coaching with PocketConfidant as it helped me support an important preparation. (Ines)
  • I wanted to thank you again for your help and the video for the interview preparation. I encourage you to continue what you do, it’s clear and very efficient! (Aurelie)

We hope this article was useful. We welcome your feedback, questions and ideas as we’re constantly improving in full collaboration with our users. You can contact us here or at