Using self-coaching technology to empower yourself and overcome challenges: a 4-step process.

1. Check what your needs are and choose your plan

If you have a tight budget but want to have access to a complete coaching digital pack to access self-coaching ongoing support, expert coaching videos, tips, student podcasts and weekly reminders on your goals to help you stay on track throughout your academic journey or alongside your first work experiences, then pick the Easy Coaching plan. It will give you the full value of self-coaching, in your pocket, at a very conservative cost.

If you’re not ready for a complete pack to support yourself through your academic journey or first work experiences, and want to start coaching, learn about your challenges and get a clear goal defined, then get your free plan. With the free plan you will be able to launch the conversation on your coaching issue and get weekly emails to help you reflect and make better choices. You will not get access to the self-coaching videos, the weekly personalized reminders and issue-specific podcasts.

2. Create your coaching issue and start self-coaching

Having chosen your coaching plan, you will immediately receive a link where you will be asked to describe and create your coaching issue, this takes between a few seconds and one minute.

After writing the issue you want coaching on, you will receive your first personalized email. Reply to this email to start the ongoing email interactions that will help you frame your goals and actions and reveal any hidden blocking perspectives. Step by step, you’ll be guided to work on actions that match your needs. You’ll empower yourself by understanding your own roadblocks and making decisions to overcome them. With the Easy Coaching plan, you’ll be accessing additional short videos, reminders, tips and podcasts to give you actionable elements to support yourself on your journey. The more you practice, the more you develop and reinforce your skills; skills that are not often taught in school but that help you be more effective, self-confident and self-aware. Here is a video, made by students, about getting started and the importance of self-coaching for you.

3. Add human coaching for more complex situations or to add a human touch

Once you have progressed on your self-coaching journey, you can choose among different add-ons that will enable you to add human coaching sessions to the rich personalized self-coaching process you have already started. Add-ons can be purchased separately here, with a student trained in coaching or with a more experienced professional coach.

4. Start a new coaching journey later or in parallel

You can start new coaching journeys one after the other, or have coaching conversations on different issues running in parallel to help you focus on your key challenges. In this way you can build accountability for different needs or goals.

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Check what other students say:

  • What it brought me : serenity, motivation, self-confidence. I had the impression to get to my exam more prepared, more focused. What I loved : each conversation made me more trusting and confident, made me understand things that I wasn’t seeing before when too much head down. How did I experience it : well actually, it’s great to have an external point of view to help us scaffold our thinking and extract the essential of it. I told myself that I should have started this earlier! (Audrey)
  • Rating 5/5. Thank you so much for your answers. (Cecile)
  • I have something to go to at midnight when I am stressed about a project; a low-cost tool I can use to work through an issue and identify a way forward that lets me sleep at night. (Carrick)
  • I modified the way I was answering to questions by adding quantitative measures and answering more precisely to prepare as maximum as possible my transition to reach my goal. (Boris)
  • I can see that with the questions I started to ask myself deeper about things, and like that I analyze my situation better, I think that now I am more calm and really have started practicing of speaking about myself and trying to express myself better, thinking of my real values. Thank you very much for helping 🙂 (Vasilena)
  • Rating 5/5. I really like the content, congrats! (Gabriela)
  • The way questions are delivered is cool. We get the insights of a coach to change and self-coach ourselves. (Enzo)
  • I’m doing more work to reach my goals. I think if you are more focused on your goals then you have to do a better job. I manage to exceed my limits to reach my goals, it is satisfying to progress. It helps me to work by focusing on the most important things and stop looking for exit ways. It is good to confront the reality sometimes based on our own capacities. It also helps me to connect more with what I like and work on deep purpose or things that make sense to me. This is helpful to better apprehend weaknesses and work on it. (Xavier)
  • It’s very interesting to get an external point of view on the questions I’m asking myself. Sending emails enables me to answer when I want and to write my answers correctly. I really think I’m speaking to someone. The gain is to help me learn more about myself and my challenges and to create directions for thinking. It makes me happy to receive emails regularly and it’s very self-satisfying to find my answers to the questions that are asked. (Elyse)
  • I rate 7/10 on the link between my success in the interview and the coaching with PocketConfidant as it helped me support an important preparation. (Ines)
  • I wanted to thank you again for your help and the video for the interview preparation. I encourage you to continue what you do, it’s clear and very efficient! (Aurelie)

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