Future Of Work, Skills, Coaching… Where Can A.I. Take Us?

PocketConfidant with ManpowerGroup initiative at VivaTech 2018

Team PocketConfidant is happy to be part of the ManpowerGroup initiative at VivaTech 2018 on May 24-25.

This year’s theme is “Empowering people for the future of work”

Technology is offering us a real disruption, a shift in paradigm, new ways of looking at the way we live, talk, think and do our daily work. This is an opportunity for each individual and organization to give everyone a chance to embrace their potential, and it is a chance for our society to learn from previous experiences in order to build a great future.
Team PocketConfidant is happy to be joining ManpowerGroup this year on very important topics such as facilitating learning, employability, competencies management and sourcing as well as coaching and obviously to give everyone the opportunity to understand AI and upcoming technologies.

Visit the VivaTech ManpowerGroup platform to learn about how technology will give everyone the same chance with the Digital Room innovation, how it can help workers in their daily work with Virtual Reality, how it can increase your competencies with Augmented Learning, how it can coach you and develop your critical thinking, and many other topics. Come visit and find out!

In this article, Alain Roumilhac (President of ManpowerGroup France) talks about AI as a support for human decisions. As he says “the HR function must help individuals and organizations project themselves in a world of work that is completely changing.”

In this article Christian Boghos (General Manager Communication, Strategic Marketing and Influence France) talks about the importance of developing a culture in each organization in order to facilitate its transformation and sustainability. As he says « more than reproducing, we must question ». This is a topic where coaching conversation technologies such as PocketConfidant are key to stimulate reflection and question individuals at different points in time in their professional journey checking for possible repetitive patterns or biased thinking.

Recently PocketConfidant was contributing to the ICF Forum for AI & Coaching in Paris. The insights shared during this first great forum were the following:

  • Coaching is the future of learning
  • The future of coaching is AI
  • AI is an enabler and a door opener. Coaches will develop their unique way of coaching and support more individuals

In the below articles, Team PocketConfidant provides insights on the future of human cognitive and emotional developments with Artificial Intelligence:

Come see us at VivaTech on ManpowerGroup’s booth and talk about how to empower people at scale!