Can a bot be a coach?

This is our fourth article in the What Is Coaching series. Read the previous articles on What is Coaching, Different Types of Coaching and Coaches, and What Can Coaching Do For You.

At PocketConfidant AI, we have coaching expertise and experiences, we are entrepreneurs and we are building an innovative coaching technology using a chatbot. As a reminder, a chatbot is a computer program (algorithm) that reproduces human conversation.

We don’t think a chatbot “is” a coach, we believe that a chatbot “can” do the following:

  • Have a coaching conversation, that is to say it can ask you good questions
  • Facilitate a conversation where you can become your own observer and figure things out by yourself
  • Help you develop your own self-coaching approach
  • Build a relationship in which the conversation becomes easy for you
  • Be ethical, respect your choices, remain neutral as there is no human bias possible

Here are examples of feedback from people who talked with PocketConfidant’s virtual coach recently:

It did a good job of getting me to talk about my issue and being conscious of how it made me feel and how I was going to go about it, even though as I stated above, it felt like I was really doing it on my own. If that is the goal of the program, to get each individual to work through their problem and come up with their own active strategy, I would say it completed that goal pretty well.
O.P. (Student)

It flowed well and was a more natural experience. One of the important learnings that I am getting from working with the bot is how much clearer I am becoming around just how much responsibility I have in all these random situations I am putting forward.
R.D. (Coach)

Key takeaway: a chatbot is not a coach but can have coaching conversations.

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