Interesting insights for reflection…

This is our fifth and last article in the What Is Coaching series. Read our previous articles on What is Coaching, the Different Types of Coaching and Coaches, What Can Coaching Do For You and Can A Chatbot Be A Coach.

In this last article about Coaching, we would like to take a moment to reflect upon some insights. We find it interesting, and important to highlight how different we are, one from the other, how each of us sees the world through our unique lens and what that means for all seven billion of us on the planet. A stunning statistic, mentioned in Mel Robbins’ San Francisco TEDx talk, is that scientists have calculated that the probability of us being born is a 1 in 400 trillion chance. Imagine the impact of that… How extraordinarily unique each of us is! With our personal blueprint (our genes) and the fact that the succession of events since the day we were born is different for everyone, we all build a “different map of the world”, a different analysis and interpretation of the world that surrounds us, hence a different and unique vision.

Another important insight is the fact that our brain works like an organic computer; it collects information and data from our sensors (ears, eyes, nose, mouth, body) and stores it all before working with it. Like a computer our brain only stores historical information, things that have already happened. We don’t store things that haven’t happened yet. Thus, when thinking or expressing ourselves we reuse the available information from our brain. This is very important because it means that we usually make decisions based only on the information we have previously stored. While not a bad thing because past experiences develop our maturity and wisdom, it can however become an obstacle to growth because it means we limit ourselves to what we already know, often not seeking meaningful information outside our own thinking and feelings. Here is a familiar call to action: “think outside the box”. Thinking outside of our own limited perimeter of information requires us to sometimes pause and put aside what we know or feel for a little while, listen, observe and welcome what happens in the world around us to identify other sources of information and insights. Coaching helps a lot with this process providing us the support and time to reflect and become more aware, more conscious.

Key takeaway: We all experience life differently. A coach’s role is to help you become more aware of this and enable you to build decisions on your own, based on your personal experience. Good coaches are trained and ethically required to ask you questions and use good communication techniques to facilitate deep reflection for yourself and create goals that align with your values and life experience.

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