COVID-19: Responding as a collective action, supporting others with COACHING

Article 1 of the Series on COVID-19 and Coaching

As Josh Bersin states it :

…our philosophy has to be people first, economics second. It’s a time to think about support, care, and listening. Once they feel safe and secure, your people will pull your company out of this crisis.

We can’t agree more with that philosophy.

The COVID19 issue has forced us all: families, organizations and communities to suddenly accept the presence of a threat around us and rapidly change our way of thinking and doing in order to unite and play our role as part of the solution. Changing our learning, working and living environments suddenly creates additional and unknown stressors (ex: working from home with family, taking care of loved ones, hosting friends for uncertain amounts of time as borders close) that we are not used to. Add to our stress the media, the volume of information filling our phones and inboxes, and all the feelings and thoughts that information triggers within us rapidly becomes a challenge.

We can take this time to listen to and help each other because feeling heard and supported can quickly change our psychology and motivation. Being able to express our needs, fears, beliefs, ideas and confront our own judgments and assumptions not only helps us feel more confident but can position us on a productive learning curve. We know that working and living under stress is not pleasant, and we know that we all have good intentions behind the choices we make, but we often find ourselves dissatisfied, reactive, upset, worried or tired when having to handle too many events at the same time. This is why we, PocketConfidant AI, want to join the collective effort and help you as much as we can with our skills, expertise, vision and passion for human support and human empowerment.

Here is what we are proposing in this first “innovative iteration” for addressing collectively, the COVID19 transition: a simple way to engage your people – colleagues and friends – in coaching.

You are a leader, a manager, a coach, a consultant, a facilitator:

  • Send your usual emails to people copying into your email.
  • Your people will be individually and confidentially supported and helped by the technology with questions that will bring clarity to their thinking. They can discover new perspectives, frame goals and actions, create plans and feel supported to navigate this difficult time.
  • Your people can also kick off their own personal priority topic if they want to and receive coaching on this as well.

You are a working professional, a freelancer, remote worker/learning or a student: Start right now on the Get Started Page.

We’re offering our technology to help and contribute those impacted by the COVID19 and improve their outcomes as they navigate this complex transition.

Our mission is to make technology a tool for social dialogue and human empowerment.

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